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Become a Member !

CHF 160.– per family
The card is valid for the year from 1 January to 31 December

Each family member can enjoy our special offers throughout the year.

With this membership card, you will pay the following rates for camp:

  • 3 YEARS: CHF 130 instead of CHF 145

  • 4-7 YEARS: CHF 150 instead of CHF 165

  • 8-12 YEARS: CHF 150 instead of CHF 165

  • Grain de Folie (4-12 YEARS): CHF 160 instead of CHF 175

  • C'est fun (10-13 YEARS): CHF 170 instead of CHF 190

Finally, your membership strengthens our ability to maintain these competitive rates.

Don't wait any longer to become a member!

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