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What do we do on Wednesday?

​We are delighted to announce the opening of registrations now. From August 23, we start our Wednesday workshops for the whole year. This year, we have planned 5 exciting themes that are sure to make you discover or rediscover lots of exciting things.

We have decided to organize an immersion in English and French for your children. Tinashé, originally from Zimbabwe, will be in charge of the animation. He is fluent in the language of Shakespeare and will speak throughout in English. Accompanied by Maude, who is also fluent in French, this language combination will allow children to learn both languages while doing exciting activities.

Atelier du mercredi

Notre thème débutera par "Les Masques : une histoire fascinante"       

Nous explorerons l'histoire des masques à travers l'Australie, le Mexique, la Guadeloupe, l'Indonésie et le Japon en visitant musées et artistes pour une compréhension approfondie du sujet.

During this theme, we will explore the aquatic elements and learn to master them. Every other Wednesday, we will go to the pool where an experienced lifeguard will teach us the techniques necessary to swim with confidence. For those who have already mastered this skill, we will take full advantage of the pleasures of water through games and fun activities. We will have five sessions at the pool, scheduled for October 10, November 1, 8, 15 and 22, and therefore two dates reserved for excursions.

We have planned captivating visits, in particular that of a vivarium, where we will discover in a fascinating way the underwater life. In addition, craft workshops will also be organized to stimulate the creativity of our little swimmers.

During this theme, we will have the opportunity to meet passionate craftsmen who will reveal to us the secrets of their beloved trade. Enriching exchanges and transmission of know-how will be on the program, with the participation of talented craftsmen such as evangelists, hatters, vitalists, restorers of musical instruments and chocolatiers.

Every Wednesday, children will have the chance to become an apprentice to one of these exceptional craftsmen, and we're sure they'll return home in the evening with stars in their eyes, proudly saying they've been the apprentice(s) of "..." (name of craftsman). This unique experience will allow children to develop their curiosity, explore new horizons and understand the importance of passion and craftsmanship in our society.

Immerse yourself in the world of paper, sheets and cardboard. Give free rein to your overflowing imagination during folding, cutting, gluing and sculpting activities.

During this theme, we will also have the chance to visit HAYDE, an internationally renowned illustrator, Switzerland, France, Iran, etc... so you will discover her artistic universe and observe her creative process.

Join us for this creative adventure! Develop your artistic sense and express your ideas visually.

​Dive into the fascinating world of edible plants. Discover the treasures that nature offers us and learn to recognize the plants that can be tasted in complete safety.

During this theme, we will go on an expedition to the surrounding gardens and green spaces to observe, pick and cook edible plants. We will be accompanied by a passionate botanist who will share his knowledge of the different plant species.

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